Right of withdrawal and Right of return

Our customer has the right to withdraw from the contract with tolufashion.com, without penalty, within 14 days from the day they have received the goods. Besides the right of withdrawal, there’s the right of return of goods purchased and received in case we made mistakes during shipment and/or in case the products fail to meet quality targets.

Conditions for the exercise of the right of withdrawal/return

The right of withdrawal and/or return is intended as exerted in the case that the following conditions are fully respected:

  • Contact our customer service at the email address customerservice@tolufashion.com explaining the reason for return within 14 days from package delivery.

- Sending an email to customerservice@tolufashion.com signalling the withdrawal/return within 14 days from products delivery, without forgetting to indicate the seasons for withdrawal/return. 

- Before returning any product, you must receive the relative acceptance email from customerservice@tolufashion.com and this acceptation shall be printed and attached to the returned goods. 

- Products shall not result used, worn, washed or damaged; 

- The identification tag must still be attached to the products with the disposable seal;

- Products shall be returned intact and unused, besides being in their original packaging;

- Each item shall be returned with all its labels, packs and original accessories (Dustbags, hangers, garment covers, etc.) received together with the order;

- The returned products shall be sent to: TOLU sixteengroup srl, Via di S. Alessandro, 7, 00131 Rome, Italy in one single shipment. TOLU reserves the right to not accept items of the same order, returned and sent in different moments;

- the returned products shall be given to the courier within 14 days after the date when the Customer received the acceptance email of the return.

- The products can be returned through shipment of the package via the couriers indicated and used by tolufashion.it, or via another shipping agent, only after having received email confirmation by customerservice@tolufashion.com.

Times and methods of refund

  • Once that TOLU has received the refund request and checked that all requirements have been met, the Customer will get a confirmation email of acceptation/payment/substitution of the returned goods.
  • TOLU provides refunding of eventual amounts already collected for the purchase of products, excluding shipment costs and eventual customs duties applied in Italy for the return of purchased products. 
  • Once the correct execution of the aforementioned terms and conditions is verified, the amounts will be refunded in the shortest possible time and, in any case, within 45 days from the date when TOLU has been returned the purchased product.
  • In case the methods and terms for the exercise of the right of withdrawal are not respected, as underlined in this paragraph, the customer will not have the right to a refund of the amounts already paid to TOLU; however, the customer may get back, at their own expense, the products in the same conditions they were returned to TOLU. If not, the products will be at the customer’s disposal for 3 months, after which they will be destroyed or destined for disposal.
  • In case of mismatch between the addressee of the products as indicated in the order form and the person who executed the payment of the amounts due for their purchase, the refund, if the right of return is exerted, will be carried out by TOLU to the person who executed the payment.
  • Shipment costs for returning products will be charged on the customer, including the responsibility in case of loss or damaging of the products.
  • In case the products are returned due to manufacturing or shipment defects, shipment costs will be charged on TOLU only if it is used our courier, properly signalled. 
  • As underlined, the effective time for the refund or restitution of the paid amounts for the purchase of products depends on the payment methods chosen by the customer:

- Purchase by bank transfer: the refund is sent to the bank account that executed the transfer. 

- Purchase by PayPal: the refund is sent to the PayPal account and is immediately visible from the moment that TOLU accepts the return. The effective refund on the credit card of the PayPal account depends on the credit card’s company, but it usually takes place within 30 days. 

- Purchase in mark: we ask to provide an IBAN for the bank transfer specifying “#ordine”. 

  • In case the purchase is a gift, the refund will be executed to the person who made the payment. Identification tag of the product. 

All products sold by tolufashion.com are accompanied by identification tag attached with a single-use seal. TOLU asks to try the product without removing the tag and the related seal, because returned products without them will not be accepted.

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