Tolu Fashion

Tolu’s clothing and accessories originate from business experience, from the valorisation of a contemporary and trendy style and from the love for fashion and design. They are the expression of a unique and bold style , featuring a wide array of fabrics and patterns which reflect the authentic Italian tradition.

Founded in 2010, the brand is based on the mother-daughter relationship and wants to transmit it through its coordinated clothing that allow to express the personal and emotional value of such a unique bond.
Experience is our business must. We want our consumers to dive into our brand identity through our array of products that vary from clothing to living, thus going down a multisensorial path.

The product “me & mini-me” is the company’s focus. In fact, Tolu has been the first company to bring the concept of mother-daughter relationship into fast fashion. The company realizes seasonally whole collections dedicated to this unique relationship. Il prodotto me & mini me è il focus aziendale.

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